Our Story

It all started when our CEO and founder, Ben, bought his first townhome.

Beautiful townhome, but the kitchen stove? No decals.

When he looked into buying replacement labels, he hit a brick wall – after spending 4 hours on the phone across 3 days, the company told him he could purchase a replacement control panel for over $400. $400 for labels? Ben took matters into his own hands and began creating his labels. He installed labels on his stove and launched his first collection of stove decals with the rest of the material.

We are a family-owned business located in the beautiful state of Florida, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Stove Decals
Stove Decals

Our Vision

If you decide to purchase from us, we are responsible for ensuring you’re satisfied with our product. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

The Stove Decals blueprint is simple:

  • 1 Continually Innovate
  • 2 Take care of People; People above Profit
  • 3 Deliver Excellence at a Fair Price