How our Stove Decals are made

We use adhesive vinyl that is cut to fit your specific stove model. We design the decals to fit your specific model, than use a high-end cutting machine to cut the vinyl. Our stove decals are easy to apply, and are built to withstand normal wear and tear. Clear adhesive ‘stove stickers’ will not look professional; that is why we work with vinyl adhesive; to give your kitchen the spice it deserves!

I want to return my order. How can I do this?

We offer a 30-day hassle-free return policy. We want you to be satisfied, above all else. Email us at If we cannot solve the problem, we will email you a Pre-Paid label for you to return your package. Once you notify us that your package has been mailed, we will refund your order. 

Will you provide installation instructions?

Yes! The labels take less than 10 minutes to apply and each order comes with easy to follow instructions. It’s very important to remove all remnants from your original decal, clean and dry your application surface prior to applying the decal labels. We will provide alcohol pads in every order so your stove surface is in prime condition to apply your new decals. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.